Baguio City, Philippines –  In the span of (almost) half a decade, the growth of XS Multimedia to XS Group has been undoubtedly outstanding and remarkable. Not known for resting on their laurels, the XS core team deemed it necessary to arm themselves in clear anticipation of where it sees going and how it intends to go to its destination in the next 3 years or so.

So as the erstwhile program title says, the 3-day XS training/workshop in Azalea Hotel proved to be a dauntingly uncertain, but a truly rewarding endeavor and experience for the XS team.

The first day was riddled with a few kinks here and there in the logistics which prompted the trainers from Confluent to give the participants time to recharge and recalibrate for the arduous tasks ahead.

On our first day of session, CEO Roxas took us down memory lane, recalling how he started the company with all the bumps on the road and embarrassing (and sometimes horrific stories) that he had to contend with every day, not realizing that those experiences were preparations for much greater things. Not planning much ahead then, he soon realized that there’s more to what he started than simply being able to secure projects for the small band of clients that were coming his way.  With sheer talent and grit, CEO Roxas did not look back and purposefully kept on.

Fast forward to the present, the 3-man team has now morphed into a 50-strong organization that has not stopped persevering and has continued to challenge what is normal, templated and the ordinary.

One of the most critical and significant part of the workshop was when the new, revitalized and focused XS Vision-Mission-Values was arrived at, collectively and collaboratively; the new XS VMV now reads:

Vision: To be the premiere business group that brutally creates a new global standard in connecting brands to consumers, grounded by its commitment to make an impact on the community.

Mission: As a people-centric organization that produces innovative creators, we influence the world by connecting the brands to the hearts of consumers.

Values (or XS 5 Cs):

  • Credibility & Integrity
  • Care & Passion
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Craze & Fun

Now with this gritty arsenal, the future of XS Group is now anchored on a more focused and sturdier ground and that all actions moving forward are further cemented by a much clearer and informed direction.

The workshop may have concluded, but the XS team, as though pumped with fresh blood, are excited, energized, and, more importantly, hopeful knowing that the true hard work comes in the next few months and years….to that we say, we remain humbled as we’ve always been ready for brutally greater things.