November 16, 2017 marked a memorable day for the XS Group as Gil H. Cadiz officially stepped in as the new Editor-In-Chief and Managing Partner of We The Pvblic. Gil’s coming on board is perfectly timed as he comes in anticipation of the planned expansion of the XS Group.

Gil, the perfect man for the position, is armed with 17 years of extensive experience and expertise in the areas of media, communications and project management. He handled digital contents for Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Russia, Africa and Europe for a global brand.

When asked what type of leader he’d be, he exclaimed that he’s not the type that hovers. Gil encourages the democratic approach which allows thoughts to be freely exchanged by the team.

Under Gil’s headship, things will continue to look up for We the Pvblic as its growing readership and traction shall continue to experience more from this well-rounded source of news, entertainment, and human interest stories: from the serious, the humorous and the most interesting in-betweens.

Amidst the proliferation of the spread of fake news, Gil sees We the Pvblic calling out and lending its voice on issues and/or personalities that seem to have deviated and twisted the truth and have lost sight of the core essence of responsible journalism with consideration to the generation of the now, the millennials.

This crazy and fun world will continue to be a treasured source of materials and inspirations for the We The Pvblic team, and Gil’s positive and encouraged outlook will reflect on what We The Pvblic will continue to dish out. He will continue the brand promise of influencing and inspiring every millennial soul.

To more viral memes, brand/celebrity partnerships, interesting articles and trendy events,

We The Pvblic is in good awesome hands.