The ripples of disruption continue in XS as it welcomes the coming of the new Creative Director, Lovel Aniag, last week, 06 December 2017.

Lovel expects that apart from the learnings, what she is most excited about and looking forward to are the prospects and challenges of having to live and breathe the XS culture where the dynamics of having a team composed of young and passionate creative innovators happen right before her eyes.

She is awe-inspired by the unique journey which XS has taken and the bullet speed it took to achieve all its successes and achievements in a short amount of time and in all instances, did not shortchange delivering the promise of excellent quality to all of its clients.

As the first female managing partner of CEO Chris Egan Roxas, Lovel proudly exclaims that what she brings to the table are her experience and exposure (and even the hard, difficult lessons learned) in traditional agencies. Lovel is a PANAta Awardee, a winner at Iron Creatives Competition, a Young Lotus and Philippine Quill Awardee, a Young Kidlat winner and holds a President’s Award in P&G Asia. She is armed with useful tools as she navigates her way and puts her very own stamp in the XS Group, mixing in what’s tried and tested in the industry and the renewed appreciation for the collaborative work with the new brood of young creative innovators.

All in all, Lovel is nothing short of encouraged and pumped up by the bright and highly-charged years ahead for the entire XS team!