It’s not all just work in XS Multimedia. We definitely know how to create a perfect balance for work and play. This is the first of many entries for “XS Afterhours.”

Here, our Senior Photographer and Partner of Odoco Agency, Dave Due played around with his camera and showed how to achieve that neon aesthetic by using objects that can be found in your room. Because it’s 2017, DIY is a new skillset.

If you’ve ever wanted one of those cool aesthetic neon photos, we’re here to get you on a brutally creative level.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A computer monitor


Vape (Non-smokers, you can opt for a different alternative for some smoke!)

A camera

Portable LED light or a cellphone flash



How to get it done:

Choose the perfect theme, then pick a picture you want to be reflected in the output as accent.

Have the subject sitting in front of the monitor. (He/She can be standing depends on your concept.)

You can place the cellphone light at the back of the subject or at the sides.

Place the CD in front of your lens while taking a picture. You can customize how much light and how much designs would cover the entire output.

While clicking, have someone to blow out some vape for that smoky effect.

For post processing, just change hue on whichever color combination that you want. Adjust some brightness and contrast.

The aesthetic look:

If you’ve been trying for so long to do the whole Riverdale-esque shots, try out this simple formula to get you that extra creative boost you’ve been looking for!