The challenge for a lot of companies, established or otherwise, is to find that elusive balance between minimizing costs, optimizing resources and, essentially, maintaining high employee retention. Employee benefits and privileges encourage empowerment and a general feeling that they are well taken care of, ensuring a pleasant work atmosphere that is a win-win for both the company and its employees.

With this objective in mind, the management of XS Multimedia has decided to tweak its existing overtime work policy and introduce a unique option – the enhanced Overtime Work Policy, which provides any of our employees the choice to either have their OT work paid or avail of a Compensatory Leave from every 8 hours of accumulated OT work, to be scheduled at any time within the current quarter.

Let’s say, one employee was able to accumulate a total 24 hours of OT work for a week, he/she then has the option to have those OT hours paid accordingly or avail of a 3-day Compensatory Leave that’s equivalent to the same number of OT hours rendered (NB: 24/8 hours per work day).

The gratification that comes from having to look forward to a much longer free time, on top of the two regular rest days, is undoubtedly a much welcome motivation for the hardworking XS bunch.

It’s like feeding two birds with one scone.