Founded on the grounds of creativity and opportunity, XS Group is launching a headshot session campaign that champions creative freedom in support of its advocacies.

The Project X campaign is the company’s funding and marketing initiative that aims to unite creative individuals in any field to promote and own their craft whether in visual arts, digital, music, photography while advocating for causes that the company endorses.

Founder and CEO, Chris Egan Roxas came up with the initiative to create an avenue for creative self-expression.

“This initiative encapsulates what the XS Group believes in: creative expression, freedom, love of the craft, individuality and unity,” says he.

Everyone is invited to participate in the ‘headshot session’ in exchange of monetary donation of at least 100 pesos. All contributions will go to the chosen creative advocacy and its partner organization.


On its first run, Project X puts the spotlight on XS Group’s very own Out Of School program, which seeks to train brutally talented but underprivileged K12 graduates with its intensive mentorship.

All proceeds of the initiative will benefit the selected scholars of partner school Jose V. Palma Senior High.

Lovel Aniag, XS OOS Program Head and XS Multimedia Creative Director and Managing Partner, believes that the campaign is “a good marketing tool to raise awareness about the XS Group CSR program, which is Out Of School. Hopefully, this will allow other schools to partner with us, and brands to sponsor us.”

Project X allows for creative opportunities for individuals and advocacies with the same passion and grit that the XS Group possess but lacks the means to pursue.

“Leveraging on social media as a platform yet staying grounded by funding, our advocacy is to help less fortunate students reach their creative dreams, adds Chris Roxas.


Utilizing XS Group’s resources and inhouse talents, the headshot photoshoot campaign will be an XS Group effort.

XS business units including XS Multimedia—Creatives, XS PostLab, WeThePvblic, XSbyXS, XS Asia, and Odoco will team up in promoting the campaign.

One of the photographers for the campaign, Benjamin Villena, who is also the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of XS PostLab, hopes to capture the creativity in each individual since it is “the highest form of self-expression.”

“It is in our nature to express beauty in many creative ways. This movement is a reminder for us to stay concentrated and committed to create opportunities for ourselves and to replenish our creative energies,” he adds.

Project X will also be inviting influencers, artists, businessmen and other key individuals for a ‘headshot session’ in exchange of a donation and support for XS OOS program.

The photoshoot will run for the month of October in the new XS PostLab studio starting with XS employees.

Instigating change and opening doors, the campaign intends to capture everyone’s individuality and celebrate it.

“We are staying true to our visual ‘skull’ branding through a Headshot picture embellished with the realness of emotions, expressions and lighting — from the project as seen from our lens to the rest of the world,” says Chris Roxas.

At the core of the company’s success is the belief that XS Group is more than just a business.

This is ProjectX.