Last December 21, the XS bunch has its banging Yearend celebration at Terazzas dePunta Fuego. The venue was the picture perfect setting for a chilly night of shared jubilance and cheer as we cap the year beset with much deserved success and, even, challenges that the XS Group has faced with positive energy and aplomb.

CEO Roxas started the festivities with a brief, but still inspired speech looking back at 2017, a year brimming with accolades and seeing everything coming full circle as the six business partners are now onboard, completing the double trifecta of XS Group, ready and able to wreak havoc creatively.

One of the night’s highlights is the awarding of the most deserving employees with Senior Project Manager Meg De Leon bagging the “Employee of the Year” for the second consecutive year. Marvin Barribal, the energetic Admin and Finance Manager of the General Services Unit, was chosen as this year’s “Rookie of the Year” and the the Associate Art Director of XS Creatives, Inno Evangelista received the “Most Improved Teammate of the Year”.

Another most pleasant surprise is the awarding of “Sales Person of the Year” to Senior Account Executive Kat Ismail for her significant contribution to the company.

In between the pomp and circumstance were the riotous games that seemed neverending and simply fun! At the end of the fanfare, XS Postlab posted the most wins. As the night was winding up, everyone continued going around with merriment until the booze and sumptuous food were totally consumed and/or everyone was just spent with smiles on their faces. It was an incredibly indelible night.

Finally, wishing ya’ll the brightest 2018! Let’s own this year!