How will a 4-day of work week fare for XS Multimedia?

To juice up its efforts in promoting the welfare of the organization and its employees, selected business units and departments of XS Multimedia is testing out the 4-day compressed work week scheme.

Starting September 24, 2018, General Services (Administration, Finance, Human Resource), We The Pvblic, and XS Multimedia – Creatives will be following a 4-day work schedule until October 24, 2018.

The departments will be in office 10 hours (plus break) a day from Mondays to Fridays, except Wednesdays.

This initiative by XS Founder and CEO, Chris Egan Roxas, is based on a democratic principle of agreement where both management and its employees approve of the temporary new schedule.

“The theory is that teams are happier to work for a company that values their time and are equally as happy and empowered to put in the extra effort while on the clock,” says he.

A town hall was held last September 21, 2018 announcing the start of the Compressed Work Week to employees.

HR Executive Associate, Paula Joie L. De La Cruz, further adds, “We are addressing a situation that is both favorable for the company and its employees. The 4-day work week schedule helps in creating a more suitable work environment that everyone can benefit from.”

Following the company’s upgrade, the business units and departments occupying the new office space will not be affected by the new work schedule.

Employees continue to enjoy the perks of the enhanced overtime work policy (paid OT work or Compensatory Leave) provided that they accumulate 10 hours of OT work to be scheduled at any day within the trial period.

The flexible work schedule still applies for employees. They are expected to come in as early as 8:00 in the morning and as late as 12:00 noon and follow the 10-hour schedule, excluding the one-hour break.

XS Multimedia is on a mission of bolstering its employees’ well-being and with the trial run of the compressed work week, each employee is expected to come to work with an enhanced sense of creative brutality.

Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of We The Pvblic, Gil Cadiz says that “it gives the staff an impetus to manage their time better and be more productive.”

Team We The Pvblic with Comedy Manila in an event in Las Piñas.

Last year, the House of Representatives has approved the “compressed work week” bill that allows companies in the country an option to implement a four-day work week.

It is designed to lessen the working days and as a result, increases the normal working hours of the employees per day to complete the 40-hour requirement of the law.

The bill aims “to promote the employees’ need for a balanced work life, promote business competitiveness, work efficiency, labor productivity as well as cost efficiency.”

For Inno Evangelista, Art Director, the new schedule will hopefully increase the team’s efficiency.

“I feel like this would boost the team’s overall productivity; plus, we get more time to do the things we love,” says he.

Team building activity of XS Multimedia — Creatives.

Nicole Dianne Aurellano, AP Specialist from Finance, is bullish about the outcome saying it is a win-win situation for both the company and its employees.

According to her, “it will help ease up on company expenses. As for commuters like me, one day less of commute will help with the traffic of people hustling to find a ride.”

With this trial run, XS Multimedia is in the hopes of incorporating the new schedule if it turns out to be a success.

“Inevitably the wisdom in having a compressed work week motivates and empowers an individual to manage their time wisely for the reward is more free time resulting to more productivity,” says Chris Roxas.