It’s a worldwide crisis. Thousands have died under the attack of the deadly virus. Frontliners have been risking their lives since Day One. Amid the fear and anxiety, we get comfort from creatives in the industry.

Uber, Burger King, the Ohio Department of Health, and Nike – we found international names that have aced the beauty of staying relevant, and the strategy of spreading the most important message today – to flatten the curve.

Uber took a different turn by reversing the message of brand selling to promote the importance of staying home.

Burger King positions ordinary individuals as public servants as the brand spreads the value of staying home during this crisis, while simultaneously injecting the wit of branding.

The importance of social distancing is made visual by the Ohio Department of Health.

Nike offers a heroic perspective of our current situation, inspiring millions around the world.

Meanwhile, it’s more fun in the Philippines with Ligo Sardines:

Have you seen other creative ads amid the quarantine period?